Who Owns My Mortgage and Why Do I Need To Know?

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Don’t be afraid to ask the customer service representative for your mortgage servicer who owns your mortgage. The owner, who is often referred to as the investor, might be different from the servicing company or bank that collects and processes your payments. Lenders often sell off the servicing rights, too. So it is very common […]

Are Banks Dumping Short Sales For Less Lucrative Foreclosures?

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Are banks purposely rejecting short sales in favor of less profitable foreclosures? Maybe so, but why? Some say it may be for reasons such as avoiding fraud or favorable accounting rules allowing banks to foreclose on a home without having to write down a loss until that home is sold as opposed marking the loss […]

Government to Decrease Financial Involvement in Freddie and Fannie

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The Obama administration has announced a ‘winding down’ of financial involvement in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at an annual rate of no less than 10% per year. Timothy Geithner predicts it will take three years for the housing market to recover. Then, an additional two to three years for legislators to come to agreement […]

Housing Regulators Plan New Fee System

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U.S. housing regulators plan to impose a new fee system and standards for mortgage servicers by mid 2012. The Federal Housing Finance Agency instructed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to work with the Department of Housing and Urban Development in order to find ways to improve mortgage servicing for borrowers. They proposed imposing a service […]

National Mortgage Standards are Encouraged

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A group of investors together with academics has proposed a national standards system be created for Mortgages. The goal would be for such standards to be implemented as early as this spring.The group believes such standards could diminish conflict between servicers and investors, help avoid investor favoritism by servicers and set a standard for securities […]

Foreclosure Review Expected by January

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According to Reuters, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Federal Reserve are coordinating their reviews of lenders’ foreclosure policies, procedures and loan documentation. They also report that the major lenders also face state investigations and possible settlements would call for Bank of America Corp, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Wells Fargo […]

Central Valley Foreclosure Rates Down From Last August

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Download now or preview on posterous 11 02 10.pdf (26 KB) CoreLogic reported that Stockton foreclosures rate was 4.41% this August, down from last year’s rate of 5.41%. Stockton’s mortgage delinquency rate also decreased with 14.87% at 90 days or more delinquent down from 15.72% a year ago. This is all good news, but Stockton […]

Home Sales Up in US but Down in CA – Lenders Partially to Blame

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National home sales were up 10% this September according to the National Association of Realtors. Some factors contributing to this growth are low mortgage rates and high affordability, home prices are averaging 22% less of where they were five years ago. Affordability has been influenced by the weakness in home buying activity. September’s home sales […]

HUD Secretary – Foreclosure Problems Aren’t Systemic

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In the Federal Task Force meeting on Wednesday, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Shaun Donovan said they have been aware of violations with certain servicers for some time and they will “take actions”. However, he stopped shy of identifying any systemic problems instead citing isolated non specific problems. More details could become available […]

Federal Task Force Investigation into Foreclosure Fraud Could Lead to Criminal Charges

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According to CNN, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs the Federal Housing Administration and Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force are in the process of an investigation into foreclosure regulations and they will expect any bank that violated the law to be fully accountable for those actions. The Task Force is meeting on October 20, 2010 […]

Mortgage Rates at Fifty Year Lows – Good Time to Invest in Central Valley Real Estate

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According to Freddie Mac, 30 year fixed mortgage rates declined to 4.19% and 15 year rates are at 3.62%. These are the lowest rates on record since the beginning of tracking such data, in 1971. Some experts have said we would have to look back approximately 50 years to see similar mortgage interest rates. With […]

Foreclosures – Suspended or Expedited? Depends on Who You Ask

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On October 7, 2010, Barack Obama rejected the Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act, which would require courts to accept documents that have been notarized in another state. Many are calling for a moratorium on foreclosures, stating banks have reclaimed homes on fraudulent documentation. Just last week, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and GMAC announced they […]