How to Choose a Short Sale Agent

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There are many nuances to a short sale transaction and every short sale is unique. Therefore the short sale agent you choose can make or break the deal, so choose wisely. When researching for a short sale agent, experience is very important. Research your local market and see who has the other local short sale […]

Stockton short sales coming together!

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We specialize in pre-foreclosure short sales in Stockton in San Joaquin County and are finally finding that the banks willing to cooperate. We have established relationships with banks and mortgage servicers to process short sales. They cooperate with us because we save them money and get the done. Sellers list with us because short sales […]

US Home Sales Plummet as Inventory Rises; Great Time for Central Valley Buyers

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Download now or preview on posterous home sales plunge.pdf (60 KB) The latest figures for existing homes sales were released this week with very discouraging results. Existing homes sales have hit the largest monthly decline in history at 27.2%. This is coupled with a record breaking 11 year peak in housing inventory. On the bright […]

Stockton, CA, REO, Foreclosure, Brookside, Stockton Home for Sale & Stockton Real Estate, 4235 Annandale Drive, Stockton, CA, 95219

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Download now or watch on posterous 4235 Annandale Drive_Stockton_CA_95219.mp4 (12240 KB) For information on this and all the Stockton homes for sale visit! Great Stockton foreclosure! Investment opportunity in a great location! This home needs some TLC. Separate Family Room and Formal Dining Area. Master bath with shower stall and separate tub. Dock in […]

10 steps to ‘short sale’ buying

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Bobbi Dempsey one of the authors of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Buying Foreclosures” blogs on the following list: 10 steps to short-sale homebuying 1. Identify potential short sales. 2. View the property. 3. Do your research. 4. Find all liens and mortgages. 5. Figure out the financing. 6. Contact the lender. 7. Complete the […]

Short Sale Fraud

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In the recent article posted by Karl Denninger entitled New Short Sale Fraud Allegations: Second Liens, The subject of fraud with short sale subordinate lien holders is discussed. Unfortunately since second lien holders frequently, get 10% or less, they often request funds off the HUD to be brought in by real estate agents or the […]

Short Sales are Risky for Homebuyer Tax Credit

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In the article titled Homebuyer-Tax-Credit-Deadline-Freezes-Out-Short-Sales By Steve Cook at Real Estate Economy Watch, Mr. Cook discusses the unpredictable and lengthy nature of short sale transactions.   In particular, he focuses on the inability to rely on a short sale timeframe to guarantee qualifying for the Homebuyer Tax Credit which requires that a buyer be under contract […]

2nd position lenders knowingly commit fraud

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The Short Sales and Bank Fraud story continues to gain traction. After CNBC aired the story we brought them, dozens of other media outlets, bloggers and authorities have contacted me to discuss this topic. Here is the story of how this fraud initially came to our attention, along with the evidence to back it up. […]

How will a Stockton short sale or loan mod affect your FICO score?

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I receive many questions from potential Stockton short sale sellers regarding the impact of short sales, loan modifications and late pays on their FICO scores. The San Francisco Examiner published an article regarding the subject. Worth checking out. View article… Posted via email from Posterous Article: Big Banks Accused of Short Sale Fraud

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Big Banks Accused of Short Sale Fraud – Just as regulators, lawmakers and all forms of financial oversight boards are talking about new regulations to guard against mortgage fraud and another mortgage meltdown, there appears to be yet a new mortgage fraud out there today, allegedly perpetuated by agents of, yes, the big banks.  For […]

Four Common Mistakes Made by Short Sale Buyers

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So often buyers say they don’t want to get involved in a short sale because they believe short sales always fall apart. However when one explores why short sales so often fall apart they are likely to find the buyer frequently plays a significant role. Sure, one can argue that there are difficult lenders who […]

Build Your Ark, the Short Sale Flood is Coming

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The Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program or HAFA will not only effect how lenders manage short sales as I have previously mentioned in the December 17, 2009 post, it will demand that all lenders who operate under HAMP offer short sales to any failed loan modification attempts who are eligible. With the current numbers at […]

Foreclosure and Short Sale Tax Implications

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The Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act of 2007 and the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2009 provide tax relief for debt forgiven through a short sale or foreclosure. In the Internal Revenue Code Section 108, discharge of qualified debt from the purchase of a principal residence can be excluded from income if the discharge occurs in […]